Most often people see something that the "like" on Instagram and have a hard time going back to view it at a later time. But now with Instagram's latest update, you can now save photos for later viewing.

Instagram just recently released an update that is reminiscent of Pinterest's capabilities that allow users to view and save photos for later. This is a new bookmark feature that the Facebook-owned app users can find helpful. All they need to do is to press the bookmark button that will appear in the lower right-hand corner of an Instagram post, according to AdWeek.

The brand new Instagram feature was announced just this Wednesday and it makes things a lot easier for finding a photo or video that you want to view at a later time. It is quite similar to Pinterest where you can add them to a folder in your Instagram account. A collection of saved Instagram photos can be accessed through the main profile page.

Once you have collected a decent amount of photos or videos, the saved feed will look like a regular news feed. For those who are concerned about photo privacy, saved photos and videos are completely private. Only the main user can see the saved photo feed.

This certainly makes things a lot easier especially for those who are fond of doing a screen shot of a photo that they like. But the clincher here is that it does not allow users to save the saved photo to their phone. They can only access the saved photo within the Instagram app. Users do not receive a notification whenever their photo has been saved by another Instagram user.

Aside from the "save for later" feature, Instagram is going to offer a live broadcast feature later in the week, according to CNET. This social media feature is quite similar to Periscope and Facebook live. Viewers have yet to see the difference and similarities with the upcoming update.

Regardless if they are going to offer an offline saving of the Instagram photos and videos in the future, this new "save for later" feature is a welcome change that most Instagram finds helpful. So, when you find a hilarious or memorable photo or video on Instagram, you can do more than "liking" the post.