Although Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are great places to share your newest travel photos, Instagram is still the social media platform most travelers save for their best travel pictures. Whether it's keeping the grid aligned or a theme alive, much thought and editing usually comes when composing the perfect Instagram feed. With the dawn of the handy smartphone camera, here are the most Instagrammable places in the world and where to take the perfect picture.

1. Ring Road, Iceland- According to Men's Fitness, the drive along Iceland tourist favorite Ring Road will often be disturbed by frequent stopovers. Instead of frustration at the delays, many travelers do so just to take in the beauty of the Icelandic landscape and to take great pictures of its many volcanoes, gargantuan waterfalls and black sand beaches. One of the world's most surprising phenomena, the northern lights, takes place here. Some of the most Instagram-worthy shots include the Vatnajökull Glacier, Skógafoss Waterfall and the crashed plane at Sólheimasandur Beach.

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland- Although viewed by many as a tiny island in the United Kingdom, the island features many opportunities to see vast and tall mountain ranges, ancient stone bridges and the cute locals-Highland Cows. Some of the best Instagrammable moments include the sunrise at Portree Bay, Fairy Glen, Sligachan Bridge and the mysterious "Old Man of Storr".

3. Melbourne, Australia- A combination of Australia's best city and its amazing coastline, Melbourne has often been touted as one of the world's "most livable" cities. Located in the state of Victoria, Insight Guides says that some of the best pictures on Instagram include its impressive skyline, its famous painted beach huts at Brighton, and its artful graffiti streets.

4. New York, USA- One of the most Instagrammed locations in the world, the Big Apple never fails when it comes to being photogenic, whether during the day or at night. Its rich history of architecture and skyscrapers mixed with its eccentric populace with the Hudson river as background makes every place an amazing photo opportunity. Some of the best places to take pictures of are the Empire State Building, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge.

5. Himalayas, Bhutan- One of the highest places on earth, Bhutan is home to many isolated monasteries and sacred temples nestled in the Himalayas. A popular Buddhist pilgrimage site, rich temples and cliff faces are contrasted by the faithful who congregate here, from children playing on the street to enlightened painted gurus. Known also as Druk-yul or "Thunder Dragon Kingdom", one of the best places to post on Instagram is the Paro Taktsang or Tiger's Nest Monastery, located on the face of a cliff. Wait for the clouds to come in from behind the mountain for the perfect shot.