Due to the improvements in visual effects and computer-generated imagery, some amazing landscapes have been created for movies and TV shows. However, Mother Nature is also talented at creating spectacular views and landscapes, some that will make you look twice and wonder whether it is a picture or real life. Here are the most mind-blowing places on earth that look out of this world.

1. Socotra, Yemen

Looking like a surreal Salvador Dali painting, the landscape in Socotra can be used as the backdrop for movie's featuring alien planets. The jewel of biodiversity on the Arabian Sea, this island is one of the most isolated on earth and has developed its own species of plant life, like the upside down trees whose branches look like roots. The rocky landscape is also dotted with five-foot tall stalactites.

2. Mar Sem Fim, Antarctica

If you've seen "Ghost Ship" or "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl", this eerie yet amazing sight may be something similar. According to Earth Porm, a Brazilian research yacht named Mar Sem Fim sank in Antarcica in 2012 and for over a year, was irretrievable because it was stuck in more than 10 feet of sea ice, creating the illusion of a ghost ship or an underwater vessel cruising below the surface.

3. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland itself looks like it's from another world with its beautiful glaciers, falls, volcanoes, black sand beaches and rocky terrain. One of the most mind blowing places it has to offer is the Blue Lagoon with its powder blue water and smoke vents. According to The Travel Channel, the world's largest geothermal pool naturally renews its 100 degree water every 40 hours. Many people come here to rejuvenate both skin and soul, while spa and massage services are offered nearby.

4. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Discovered just 100 years ago, these caves have a river running through it which reflects the beautiful blue glow worms hanging off of its stalactites and stalagmites. The Waitomo Caves are one of New Zealand's most famous natural attractions, among its many amazing landscapes, and is located on the North Island.

5. Derweze, Turkmenistan

This cavern looks almost like a sinister furnace and locals have called it the "Gates of Hell". In reality, this natural phenomenon was caused by Soviet geologists in 1971 while drilling for oil. When they hit a cavern that released massive amounts of natural gas, the safest thing to do to avoid a leak was to set the area ablaze. Researchers believe that the fire can last for decades, until the gas in the crater is consumed.