Despite innovations in air and sea travel, there are still many unknown places yet undiscovered by many. Island in particular, hold an air of isolation and seclusion that makes any traveler feel alone and relaxed. Famous islands like Hawaii and St. Barth's are great but what's better than discovering your own paradise? Here are five islands you've never heard of, but should visit now.

1. Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Besides being a little piece of paradise with its lush jungles and beautiful coastline, Saba, known as the "Unspoiled Queen", is also an LGBT paradise. According to CNN, same-sex marriage is legal and even encouraged here, with the island's director of tourism openly gay, and very welcoming of travelers of all genders.

2. Quilalea, Mozambique

Sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the island is part of a strictly protected marine sanctuary. 9 villas of coral and thatch are the only structures erected on the island, and since 2011, nobody has lived on the island except for nesting sea turtles and its local diverse species.

3. Lummi Island, Washington

Just a two hour drive from Seattle, the island is accessible via a 5-minute ferry ride, and takes travelers to a different world. Some of the best things to do on this island include mushroom foraging, whale watching and kayaking. According to Vogue, one of the only accommodations on the island is the Willows Inn, built in 1910 and run by local fishermen. The seven-room inn surprisingly hosts celebrity chef Blaine Wetzel who trained at Noma in New York. After winning a James Beard award, he stays on Lummi and forages for fresh ingredients such as kelp, blackberries and lavender.

4. Cuixmala, Mexico

The most commonly asked question by staff is "How did you hear about us?". According to Travelers Today, Cuixmala is a secret island in Mexico with the most expensive hotel suite in the country. 9 casitas and 4 private villas are spread across 25,000 acres of land, lagoon and beach, perfect for getting away from it all. Other famous celebrities who have secretly gone here include Mick Jagger, Madonna and Bill Gates.

5. XXXX Island, Australia

Atypical to the usual island paradise, this party island is decked with billiards, darts, Xbox and a free flowing bar. Huts scattered across the island are given quirky titles such as "School of Rock". Owned by beverage company Lion, the island was once known as Pumpkin Island. Currently, the only way to get to visit the mysterious island is to win a ticket from Lion's promotional competitions.