The American television series which is a spinoff series from "The Vampire Diaries", "The Originals" would be having its season four. It was previously reported that the upcoming season of The CW series would air on March 17. Meanwhile, speculations were circulating online that Caroline Forbes would be joining the cast. In addition, it was rumored that Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner's romance would be having a second chance.

Candice King who played the character of Caroline Forbes is one of the main female characters in "The Vampire Diaries." Before she turned into a vampire, her character was popularly known to be insecure which lead her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena. Caroline was also the surrogate mother of the Saltzman twin, Lizzie, and Josie. Meanwhile, it was rumored that Caroline would be leaving Mystic Falls to join "The Originals".

As the news released by Counsel & Heal, it was stated that vivid fans and viewers of "The Originals" wanted to see Caroline renew her relationship with Klaus. Perhaps, it could be possible for the producers of the said show to brought Caroline on set. Fans would be delighted to see Caroline be on the set of the said TV series as "The Vampire Diaries" would be having its season finale.

On the other hand, there were certain reports leaked online that Klaus and Hayley's romance could possibly have a second chance. It was previously reported by TV Line that on the season four of "The Originals", storylines would be focusing more on Klaus and Hayley's daughter, Hope. In fact, in a recent report stated by the executive producer Michael Narducci, it sounds like the former lover would eventually reunite.

"...he was able to trust his child in the hands of this woman he has come to respect and trust more than he does a lot of other people.", Narducci said. "They trust and each other and will do whatever it takes to protect their kid, and I think you'll start to see a lot more of that.", he added.