The American crime web television series, "Narcos" would be heading on small screen next year. Netflix has renewed its third season and has been confirmed to air next year. It was previously reported that on its upcoming season, "Sense 8" actor, Miguel Angel Silvestre would be joining cast. On the other hand, the show welcomed Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan as regular stars in the series.

Earlier this week, "Sense 8" star, Miguel Angel Silvestre has been hinted on social media that he would be joining "Narcos" Season 3. As the speculations were circulating online, Hola USA immediately confirmed that Silvestre would be on set for the said cartel TV series. His character was still unnamed but it was hinted that he would be playing as someone to be an allied in cartel trading.

 As the news released by Mobile & Apps, it was reported that Silvestre's character could possibly be as someone who would take charge of money laundering for the cartel. In fact, the 34 year-old hunk actor provided some information of his character on "Narcos" Season 3. Based on what he has been revealed, his character would be described as "enigmatic person." According to him, he would be having a bad relationship as well as having a bitter love story in the past.

It seemed that Silvestre's character would be mysterious. On the other hand, "Sense 8" actor also revealed that he has been traveling from Bogota to Colombia and vice versa for the filming of "Narcos" Season 3. Besides, Silvestre would be doing a Colombian accent as part of his character's physiognomies.

Producers of "Narcos" Season 3 warmly welcomed their series regular cast members, Matt Whelan and Michael Stahl-David. Whelan would be portraying the role of Daniel Van Ness as Stahl-David would took the role of Chris Feistl. It was assumed that these partners would take down the drug cartel.