The British-American drama television series, "Poldark" would be having its third season. The upcoming season of the said TV series would be expecting to air by spring of 2017. On the other hand, it was speculated that Demelza and Hugh Armitage would be having an affair. Furthermore, rumors circulating online that Demelza and George Warleggan would connive to bring Ross down.

Based on the book series of historical novels by Winston Graham, "Poldark", Hugh Armitage courted Demelza and latter responded to his sweet and romantic ways. Most likely Demelza would fall in love with him deeply as much as he fell in love with Ross before. Ross was never been romantic and sweet to Demelza even when they got married.

Demelza would be having an affair with Hugh and willingly submit herself to him for she felt special the way Hugh treated her. In fact, it pushed Demelza to do so because of Ross' cheating issue. As shown on the previous season of "Poldark", Ross hooked up with Elizabeth and was speculated that Ross was the father of Elizabeth's baby. However, Hugh used his sweet and romantic ways to Demelza as a tactic to manipulate and blackmail the Poldarks.

On the other hand, it was revealed on the promo video of "Poldark" Season 3, George Warleggan and Demelza would be having a sabotage to bring Ross down. Out of her anger, Demelza pushed herself to connive with Ross' greatest enemy, Warleggan, who was married to Elizabeth with whom Ross had an affair. It was speculated that Demelza and Warleggan would be having a mission against the main protagonist of the hit TV series.

"Poldark" Season 3 is a must watch as there would be a major twist and turns to its storylines. Would George and Demelza succeed on their plan against Ross? Would Demelza know that Hugh used his romantic ways as a tactic to manipulate the Poldarks? Stay tuned on this site for more updates!