The American drama television series, "How to Get Away with Murder" Season 3 would be more dramatic as it has been previously reported that all characters would be facing an emotional distress after the death of Wes. On the other hand, it was speculated that Frank Delfino could be the father of Laurel's baby.

On the upcoming third season of "How to Get Away with Murder", storylines of the said TV series would be more interesting and dramatic. As the news previously released by Yibada, it was reported that all of the characters on the show would be facing an emotional struggle. Besides, Viola Davis played the character as Annalise Keating would be imprisoned for an indefinite time as she faced the most difficult and biggest problem of her life.

On the other hand, certain reports circulating online that Frank Delfino who played by Charlie Weber could be the father of Laurel's baby. According to the report of GameNGuide, the father of Laurel's baby could be Frank as it was shown on its previous episodes that Frank spent the night at Laurel's apartment, which could have led to their reconnection.

As it was reported by Jobs & Hire, Frank could be liable to Wes' life Wes was killed prior to the tragic incident happened to him. Perhaps, Frank wanted to kill Wes due to the fact that he possibly knew that he was the father of Laurel's baby and he did not want Laurel to fall in love deeply with Wes. Wes had a special relationship with Wes and both of them have a mutual understanding with each other.

Furthermore, rumors circulating online that Wes' death might cause health issues on Laurel's baby as it was reported that Laurel would be traumatized after the tragic incident happened to Wes. Revelations of the said speculations would soon be revealed on its comeback on the small screen next month.