"Penny Dreadful" could have its season 4 based on the plot from its comic book series. On the other hand, there were speculations that on its upcoming season 4, Vanessa Ives would be returning on set. Meanwhile, it was rumored that there could be a new writer for the hit TV series as John Logan confirmed his departure from the show.

There was news leaked online that Eva Green who played the character of Vanessa Ives in the British-American horror drama television series, "Penny Dreadful" would be back on set. Besides, it was rumored that her character could possibly be reincarnated or resurrected. According to GameNGuide, it was reported that Green's character as Vanessa might either be brought back to life or whole new character could take the lead in the said TV series.

As shown on its previous episodes of "Penny Dreadful" Season 3, Vanessa Ive's character died. Its third season was being described by Deadline as 'bloodier, bawdy and vampiric' as one of the main characters of the show faced death. Vanessa was being demonically tortured before her character died.

On the other hand, it was speculated that there could be a possible new writer for "Penny Dreadful" as John Logan confirmed his exit from the show. As he was being interviewed with TV Line, he said that Eva Green's character would be ended, also as to him.  "Because Eva Green is my muse for this show. And Vanessa Ives is my muse for this show. Her story had to end exactly as it ended for me."

There were no confirmations yet from the showrunners of "Penny Dreadful" if who could possibly be their new writer. Showtime network did not give any official statement on the said rumors. To catch for latest news and updates, stay tuned to this site!