The supernatural American television series, "Grimm" would be having its end. Season 6 would be the last season of the hit NBC series. It was speculated that it would be more dramatic and intense in its season finale. Besides, it was revealed by one of the cast member that season finale would be a 'season of surprises'. On the other hand, cast and crew of the said TV series were sentimental as they wave their final goodbye.

"Grimm" released 110 episodes before they bid their last goodbye. Besides, its upcoming season finale would be having its premier on January 6. Cast and crew would finally say goodbye to their vivid fans and viewers as it would be ending soon. In fact, cast cannot help but feel sentimental on its season finale.

As the news of Russell Hornsby who played Portland police officer, Hank Griffin shared his emotions on the upcoming season finale of "Grimm". "I think that about two or three weeks after the show has wrapped, when I'm by myself in my home for a couple of days, I think that's when the emotion will hit me."

On the other hand, it was speculated that "Grimm" Season 6 would be more dramatic and intense as it was revealed by Jacqueline Toboni who played the role of Theresa Rubel that season finale would make you cry. In her recent interview with Oregon Live, she dropped off some information on the season finale of the show. "I just read the finale. Get your tissues ready, because I was bawling, crying," Toboni said.

"Grimm" Season 6 would be 'a season of surprises'. The cast and crew of the said show assured their fans and vivid followers that they would give their best to make everyone be satisfied on its final season.