Manchester United Football Club's ace striker Wayne Rooney's month has been full of ups and downs. The football star recently defended himself from the media who has been blasting him with controversy after the England team's outstanding play against Scotland during a World Cup qualifier match, which resulted to a score of 3-0, in favor of England.

According to Sky Sports, Rooney apologized to the public after leaked inappropriate pictures of him at 5am in the morning after the game at the England team's hotel. The football player was accused to be drinking heavily at a wedding party. "I actually didn't even step foot into the wedding and I think it's a shame that I'm having to talk about it now after such a great victory," defended Rooney.

Rooney also broke the record and is now known as Manchester United's leading scorer, with his 39th goal in Europe and 248th for the team, during a Europa League group stage match against Feyenoord, which Manchester won, with the score of 4-0, according to ESPN FC. Rooney is one goal away from Man-U's all-time leading scorer, Sir Bobby Charlton.

"It's a great feeling to score goals and to score goals for this club. So I'm pleased. I'm sure there's plenty more to come and I'm happy with the win as well as the goal," said Rooney. "It was a good win. We're pleased we got four goals. I think the second goal killed the game, even though we were in control at 1-0. You never know what can happen."

Manchester United FC's manager, Jose Mourinho praised Rooney's excellent play, saying "It is an amazing achievement obviously and will be even better if he can help to bring to the club the only competition they have never won in their history, which is the Europa League."

"It is not the biggest competition obviously, but let's try, let's push. I know it will be difficult - there are a lot of matches. But let's try to qualify, and if we do in Ukraine, then more matches to come and hopefully more goals for Rooney to score. His performance was like the team - good, solid."