The Antarctic Ice Marathon is an annual celebration for sports enthusiast who are looking for an extra-ordinary marathon experience. Marathoners and ultra-athletes are on the lookout forward the momentous event where the finalists will brace their ultimate endurance test, they will be face to face with one of the most notorious places on Earth, the Antarctic.  

With the negative 20 degree Celsius temperature, snow-capped mountain and ice throughout the whole region plus the possibility of robust Katabatic winds, this race is made just for the brave and those who are up to challenge. The occasion also took place at an altitude of 700 metres. Gary Thornton of Ireland won the Men's Marathon race. He bested fifty participants from around the globe. The victory was witness at the Union Glacier exploration camp which is 600 miles from the South Pole. He won with a time of three hours, 37 minutes, 13 seconds. He was quoted in a report of Irish Times, "It was really tough. Well, it shouldn't have been but I don't know why, it just was.

I maybe over-heated a bit on the first lap. But it's good." He is national school teacher who also wins marathon at the North Pole.  For the women's division, Joanna Medras of Poland succeeded amongst other racers with a time of 6:01.45. She was followed by Laurie Koch of U.S.A., Fan Zhang of China and Mary Grealish of Ireland.

The United States of America's bet Griff Griffith won the men's title in the 2016 Antarctic 100k. The only "rose among the thorns," Angela Chong of Singapore, the sole runner, was declared as the automatic winner for the women's category. For the Half Marathon, Adam Unger of Israel won the men's division and Alex Sinclair of Canada for the women's. The Antarctic Ice Marathon and 100k is founded by Global Running Adventures / Polar Running Adventures