The Olympic Games is known as the world's most notable sports competition that are held every four years. It is participated by hundred countries worldwide. The world of sports is united during this momentous event. This year, Rio Olympics made headlines as it hosted the Summer Olympic game last August. The festive opening number also took the spotlight, uninterrupted special numbers like singing, dancing, display of lights captured the hearts of the athletes and the audience as well. In every country that it is done, the opening number is always a sight to behold.

Fast forward 2020, the next Olympic game will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Planning and preparations are currently cooking up. The country plans to make historical and epic opening ceremony by making man-made meteor shower. The sky will literally light up above with shooting stars. ALE Co., a Japan-based space start-up, plans to materialized the idea of sending a mini satellite into orbit through Project Sky Canvas.

According to BBC, "The plan is to put a micro-satellite in orbit that will fire tiny particles into the atmosphere. As they fall to Earth they will burn up and become on-demand shooting stars that can be directed to any chosen location and be seen within a radius of up to 200km (124 miles)." Rie Yamomoto of Project Sky Canvas elaborated the procedure of the satellite, "They essentially burn in different colors when they're reentering the atmosphere," he said in a report of Travel and Leisure. This will be a feast for the eyes of the people that will attend the opening ceremony. The awesome wonders of outer space will ignite the start of the Earth's most victorious sporting event. Sports enthusiast still has long time to prepare for this upcoming event.

The 2020 Summer Olympic is scheduled from July 24 to August 9. They set to feature 33 sports and a total of 47 disciplines and 324 event. The official emblems of the Olympics and Paralympics were revealed on April 25 this year. Designed by Asao Tokolo, a 46-year-old artist. He won the nationwide logo-making competition and his work defeated almost 15,000 entries. The design encompasses 45 interconnecting pieces that forms a checkered pattern known as ichimatsu moyou. The use of the color indigo symbolizes elegance and sophistication. Logo Selection Committee Chairman Ryohei Miyata said in a report of Japan Times, "The committee found this checkered pattern to be very simple and we can feel the refined sophistication of the Japanese tradition."