Japanese are known for their over the top versions when it comes to food, movies, fashion style, games and more. All these goes to show that this culture-rich yet modern country can offer tours and travel activities that are completely on a different plane. 

Japan has been one of the preferred tourist destinations in the world. In fact, there are 19.73 million overseas tourists who traveled to Japan in 2015 alone, according to JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co. However, Japan targets to attract 20 million foreign tourists to their country by 2020 as reported by Japan Times

Japan are known for their picturesque temples and mountains, entertaining amusement parks, a plethora of shopping and dining options. But what is it about Japan that attracts more tourists each year?  it is probably the out-of-this-world list of fun but weird things to do in Tokyo. Here are some of them: 

Visit a maid café - With Japan's anime and cosplay culture, it is no wonder that they thought of a cafe where women dress up with Fresh maid outfits and play personal servant to patrons. 

With the ladies cutesy voices and gestures, it is definitely a one-of-kind drinking and dining experience for tourists. Strangely enough, everything in this maid cafe is a lot of time faster than it should be as the "maids" perform weirdly energetic and fast-paced J-pop songs.  Akihabara District, which is also anime and geek haven, boasts most of these spots.  

It is also worth mentioning that Japan also has owl & cat cafés, where guests enjoye a cup of coffee or tea while kittens are lounging or sleeping on their laps. Or, they can enjoy a good book while a perches on their shoulder.

Eat at a robot restaurant. This is definitely one of the weirdest experience, not only in Japan but in the world. But definitely, eating at this restaurant is unparalleled.

Imagine yourself eating your dinner with a ballet performance of 10-foot tall robots, space gorillas, galaxy queens and sharks with laser beams in front of you. But, take all of these and multiply it to a hundred. There is a high dose of visual experience that just explodes and enthralls the guests. Restaurant entrance costs for $60 but is worth every penny. 

Stay in a Capsule Hotel.  After experiencing the maid cafe and robot restaurant, you can head over and rest at a capsule hotel. It is a cheap yet exciting sleeping experience that is definitely worth a try!

It is one of Japan's most unique accommodations that is gaining popularity all over the world. But this is not for people who have a fear of confined spaces. The rooms are very small and are just large enough to fit one body comfortably. This rooms or "pods" are substantially cheaper compared to regular hotel rooms in Japan. So, if you want to save money on your trip and get a unique experience, try these!