Tom Brady adds another record to his already stellar resume after getting more than 200 (regular season and playoffs) career win. He recently surpassed Peyton Manning and sets record for most quarterback victories.

Brady reached the milestone after the New England Patriots defeated the floundering New York Jets that marked his 6th win of the year in seven games played. If Only he was not suspended for the first four games of the season, Brady would have accomplished this feat much earlier, and what's even more impressive is his 16 touchdowns to only 1 interception despite having only played 7 games, which pretty much puts him in the MVP conversation and the current league leader in passer rating.

The game against the Jets was much harder than initially anticipated since it took four quarters up to the last minute to determine the winner. Brady secured the win for New England after connecting a touchdown pass to wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell with only 1:56 minutes remaining on the clock. Tom Brady finished the game with 286 yards completing 30 of 50 passing attempts alongside two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Patriots improved their record to 9-2, which ranks them first in the AFC East while the struggling Jets are now 3-8 for the season. Despite accomplishing another impressive milestone in his career, Brady was quick to downplay it by saying that his individual awards and accomplishments are the result of having great coaches and teammates throughout the years. In a report by the Boston Globe, Giselle Bundchen was pretty delighted about her husband's historic win and took to Twitter her joy.

It should also be noted that Brady has been playing with an injured knee and it still remains uncertain how he acquired it, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Brady mentioned that his knee was acting up during their game against the Jets, but he remained hopeful for a much better gameplay throughout the season.