July 14, 2024 10:50 PM


Qatar Airways Signs A Deal With FIFA To Sponsor World Cup 2022

Qatar Airways announced that it will sponsor FIFA through World Cup 2022. This will be one of the biggest sponsorships in the history of sports and the airline's sponsorship history as well.


International Soccer Player Was Banned Entry In The US

Another victim of the infamous travel ban was soccer legend Dwight Yorke when he was refused entry in the US for having an Iranian stamp on his passport.


Travel Tips: List Of Do's And Don'ts When Travelling To The U.K.

A short list of things you should and shouldn't do when interacting with British people, for travelers who are planning to go there.


Why the British Call It Football, Americans Call It Soccer

Many are confused whether to call it 'soccer' in the first place. The word 'soccer' is what Americans usually call the game that involves kicking a ball while the British would refer to it as 'football' instead. Read more to find out where the term soccer and football originated.


World Cup 2014; Viewing Parties in Your City

If you aren't able to make it to beautiful Rio de Janeiro to watch the World Cup this 2014, no need to worry. There are many places where you can still cheer on your favorite team with other fellow fans. No matter what city you are in, there will surely be a viewing party around for you to experience the excitement without even having to leave the U.S.


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