Due to their diverse culture, people from the Great Britain have very unique ways to express themselves. Good examples are their bizarre ways of naming many things like calling friends "tossers", "willies" referring to underpants, "goolies" for money and napping for two to three hours after having a heavy lunch, which they call a 'wank'.

However, this country, where the popular Fish and Chips originated, also has their own sets of do's and don'ts for travellers visiting their country. According to the Daily Mail UK, here are some tips, given by commenters from Quora for the oblivious travellers, about things that they should and should not do, that the British consider as good etiquette.

One comment says "Don't say that anything in America is better,". "You are mistaken even thinking that this is possible." said the commenter. Another comment states that being nice or super friendly are traits that the regular Brit dislike, ironically with the Brits having a stereotype for being always grumpy.

The Brits are also not very fond of their accents being copied. "No 'Ello, Gov'na' and other lame attempts at British accents," says one commenter. They also advice that one should not grin at everyone, talk with strangers, torment the guards of the Buckingham palace, randomly greet a stranger "Have a nice day!" and be loud in public, according to the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center

They also encourage that tourists should be polite and respect an orderly queue. Whenever riding the public transports, the British would also like to keep their bus rides or train trips quiet. One commenter warned: "Don't wear a Liverpool jersey in Manchester, or a Spurs jersey near Highbury. You could find yourself on the receiving end of airborne objects."

Also, avoid starting an "American Football is football, Football is soccer" argument. "You won't win here," according to a commenter who's probably Brit. One even commented "Don't mock tea. We genuinely do like it a lot."