If you aren't able to make it to beautiful Rio de Janeiro to watch the World Cup this 2014, no need to worry. There are many places where you can still cheer on your favorite team with other fellow fans. No matter what city you are in, there will surely be a viewing party around for you to experience the excitement without even having to leave the U.S.


Often acclaimed as one of the best soccer bars in the U.S, The Globe Pub is a perfect place to watch the World Cup of 2014 if you are in this city. Every country's flag is put up around this bar to show some spirit. As the country is eliminated, the flag comes down. There are also two more free viewing parties for the U.S Men's National Team on giant screens in Grant Park, on June 22nd the US-Portugal match and the US- Germany match on June 26th.


You won't find a shortage of soccer fans in this hot city. There are numerous bars, hotels, and pool viewing parties for you to choose from to watch the 2014 World Cup. You can go to any local bar or you can relax poolside and watch it on Fontainebleau's Arkadia big screen. The Clevelander is a spot known for having sports fans from all over the world. The majority of hotels and bars will have live Djs, samba dancers, and other forms of entertainment.

New York City

Whether you're at a bar downtown or at a viewing party, you will be able to watch the Cup in the Big Apple. You may want to go cheer on your team on the beach at Governors Island, which turns into a free 2014 World Cup viewing zone. There is also a free viewing party under the Archway of the Manhattan Bridge, and at The Paley Center for Media. Of course there are also lively bars with giant screens at places like Nevada Smiths, Papatzul, and The Football Factory where you can enjoy drinks and cheer on your country.


At the Fountain Square the Saints are hosting one of the largest free viewing parties for the US Men's National Team on June 22nd and June 26th. It will be played on a large outdoor screen with Djs, food, and drinks.


Enjoy the soccer fanatic staff at 442 Soccer Bar, where they show every game every day on huge HD televisions. The Timber Soccer Club is also hosting a "World Cup Beer Garden" as they show games and serve food and drinks.

Washington D.C

Head to Lucky Bar D.C to watch every match and enjoy the World Cup happy hours from 3-8pm. The menu will also offer a limited time selection of Brazilian food and drinks to make you feel like you are still enjoying the wonders of Brazil from your home city. Or you may want to grab a table with a huge group of friends at Biergartenhaus. Dupont Circle will also host the US matchagainst Germany.

There are plenty bars around the country having parties and specials for the 2014 World Cup. Just because you can't fly to cheer on your country, doesn't mean you can't show some spirit right from your city.