Get up from your desk and go for the thrill of doing something you know only a few have done. And what's better is doing them in a foreign place. And the best place to start?

How about Prague in Czech Republic?

From its local and mystic treasures to statues, Prague is filled with unique and unusual elements that make it stand out. And one prominent gem in Prague is its nightlifeHere are just a few of the hundreds of things you could do in Prague. And we've arranged it purposely to be done in one night.

1)    Indulge in a classical concert in The Atrium

For an equivalent of a Big Mac, witness musicians as they perform renditions of classical favorites and unearthed treasures. Some of these musicians are from the pricier venues.

In a small, reconstructed chapel in Prague 3, you are able to attend something similar to what is seen in orchestras.

2)    Feel the beautiful spookiness in the Theatre of Estates

Be immersed in the exact same place where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni in 1787. This posh blue jewel box will transport you to a whole new period by simply taking a seat.

3)    Visit an 80s club/bar

Though the music scene is rapidly changing, Prague still has bars or pubs that play your all-time favorite 80s tracks for you.The locals here are still attached and into the 80s era, so it's hard to miss an 80s-dedicated club or bar.

4)    Meet the green fairy at Hemingway Bar

When looking for Absinthe, be careful. Some aren't that pure or intricate. The Hemingway Bar serves the traditional blend of absinthe. This sleek cocktail lounge provides absinthe via its beautiful old-fashioned fountain. Craft Czech Absinthe, simply the best.

5)    Stroll along Prague Zoo

After a long night, it's best to relax in Prague's zoo. Open on Friday and Saturday night, illuminate the zoo by just using your flashlight. And the sights of the elephants and Komodo Dragons will make you fall in love even more with Prague and its exoticness.