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Glory Moralidad

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit 2014

ASEAN Turns Gold, Highlights 50 Festivals And 50 Travel Experiences

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will turn 50 years old this year and they want to celebrate their 'birthday' by encouraging tourists to visit ASEAN nations with its highlight tour experiences and festivals. There are 50 celebrations, 50 travel packages, and 50 tour ideas up for grabs in case you want to visit the region.


Hostel Van

Man Offers His Van For Travelers To Sleep

Wanna sleep in a van with a man? Don't worry, it's not a joke, and in fact, one man has been offering his van for tourists or locals to sleep in while on the roads as a 'hostel on wheels.'


NAIDOC In the City

Indigenous Artists Are Not Happy That Australia Is Selling Fake Aboriginal Souvenirs

Australia's indigenous community puts on a long, sad face on the government when it failed to promote genuine Aboriginal products to tourists. Travelers often buy these keepsakes believing the sellers to be offering authentic Aboriginal products, but it's often the other way around.


Cat Brings Therapy And Delight To The Elderly

There’s A Whole Village For Cats In Turkey

How far would you take your love for cats? One couple has decided to build a village just for Turkey's feline friends in order to further protect them.


Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

Singapore To Build Four Mega Childcare Centers in 2018

Making the country more child-friendly, Singapore plans to build additional children's centers this year, which will conclude by the second half of 2018.


WANTED: Lego Professor, Apply at Cambridge University

Wanted: Lego Professor; Apply at Cambridge University

Cambridge University is calling LEGO lovers and educational professionals to apply on what is supposed to be the first of its kind - the Professor of Play.


Travel Internship or Job Openings

Top 5 Odd (Yet Awesome) Travel Internship or Job Openings

Working in the travel industry goes beyond the confinement of hotels, restaurants or air flights. Some jobs may be odd to some people while others are just plain awesome. Here are some openings, in case you want to go for it.


Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli Museum Welcomes 10 Millionth Visitor in January

Hayao Miyazaki must be really happy to know that sometime a week after his 76th birthday, the 10 millionth visitor has stepped into Studio Ghibli's museum since its humble beginnings in October 2001. Akio Nagata and his family were welcomed with surprises and gifts for being the lucky sightseers.


San Diego Holds Chicano Park Heritage Day

US Announces 24 New National Historic Landmarks

National Park Service, through the National Historic Landmarks Program, recognizes 24 historic properties of exceptional value to the nation and promotes the preservation efforts of federal, state, and local agencies and Native American tribes, as well as those of private organizations and individuals.


Airbus unveils its self flying 'Uber air' taxi Vahana

Airbus To Create Self-Flying Taxi In 2017

Airbus has launched a division in their company called the Urban Air Mobility last 2016 to explore the possibility of self-flying vehicles.



Australia Wants You To Sleep At The Sydney Opera House, Because Why Not?

When will the sleepover begin? Dozens have asked if when will the project proposed by The Sydney Opera House and Airbnb get to have the green light from the government.


Blood and Wine

Edinburgh Pops Up Game of Thrones-inspired Bar

Three months from now, the seventh season of Game of Thrones will be aired and will have fans hold on tightly to their seats. Meanwhile, for those who can't wait, try going to Blood & Wine, a Game of Thrones-inspired pop-up bar in Edinburgh.


Silk Road

New Silk Road Opens: 7,500 Mile China To London Journey Commences Reopening of Ancient Trading Route

When the train arrives tomorrow, it'll be the dawn of a new era for the historic Silk Road. The East Wind locomotive will travel 7,456 miles from Eastern China to Britain, carrying loads of goods of 34 carriages, in its 16-day travel.


Singapore Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Top 5 Travel Updates From Singapore; From Passports To New Parks

Heads up! A lot of things are developing around Singapore to serve locals and tourists alike for the better. Here are clips and bits about the country.


AirPortr + Bag Check-In

Londoners Can Check Their Bags Anywhere They Are With Luggage App

A London-based travel technology start-up decided to take up the steps in answering the needs of travelers which allows them to check in their luggage from anywhere in London. AirPortr, together with British Airways deployed the AirPortr + Bag Check-In, designed to lessen a traveler's load of carrying a heavy baggage all day long.


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