Artists in Belgrade, Serbia, launched street art tours to show travelers another side of the district. With their murals, stencils and graffiti works, they showed another side of the Serbian capital. Formed by Street Up Tours, the Belgrade art scene takes up center stage to tell a story and how they make up the history of the city.

The Lonely Planet reported Di Ujdi, artist and organizer, as saying, "We want to show how great the artistic heritage of Belgrade is." She mentioned that the objective is not only about the visual aspect of the genre, but the story behind it. The group offers tours, street art workshop, meet and greets, or even conduct visits to the galleries or studios.

For two to three hours, the tour takes visitors to different neighborhoods of the community and explains how art has transformed them in one way to another. In their Savamala Tour, the Street Up group considers the district as the most intriguing part of the capital.

They mentioned that the area was once a wealthy place when suddenly it was left abandoned. The decadent buildings pave the way for a modern version of street art galleries, and cultural centers. The group wanted to invite people and see why the district has the most interesting art pieces splayed on the wall.

The Dorćol Tour offers a more charming and historical piece of the outing. Dorcol as being located near the Kalemegdan fortress and Danube River is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the country. The bohemian quarter has been well-known to thrive amongst artists. A former brewery also happens to be in the place where it now houses the flourishing scene of art, literature, and music.

Their Ciglana Extended Tour is in an old, abandoned brick factory ideal for the perfect art escape. People can chill, drink, and visit art studios for the matter. For street art workshops, most people will be afraid to do it, and that's why the group would want to introduce the genre to people who are interested. For more information, you can visit their site here.