Summer is the perfect season where people can go out and leisurely run at their own pace. While runners can do the sprinting in their own town or city, there's no denying the fact that some cities are a lot accessible and have much to offer. The Smart Asset has analyzed what the best city in the U.S. is for runners over the outdoors' environment, city's walkability, pedestrians and more.

Ranking first in the study is Madison City in Wisconsin as it provides 59 gyms available for runners and all people who want to go fit. Every year the city holds an average of 88 races or 3.53 races per 10,000 residents. The Smart Asset in its press statement to Travelers Today wrote that Madison made its way as one of the top 10 cities where pedestrians feel safe when walking and a significant number of them walk to work. It is tied up with St. Paul, Minnesota.

Next to Madison City is Minneapolis with 1.48 gyms per 10,000 residents. Even though it's one of the most freezing cities in the U.S., runners, and fitness enthusiasts have never felt downhearted because the metropolis offers various activities and races for runners over a year.

Meanwhile, Seattle is that city where it's generally safe and alright to work out in the streets and where people even just walk their way to work. It ranks high in walkability and makes up for its shortness in the parks they have. In contrast, Omaha in Nebraska is best for people who wants to sprint along the parks, or where Mother Nature is at its best. The city has around 23 acres of parklands and is considered as the sixth most number of gyms in the U.S.

At the same time, perhaps the city where the most "competitive streak" is found in Cincinnati, Ohio, because they have loads of options for races. Overall, Smart Asset discovered that half of the cities in the top 10 is located in the Midwest, which means it's an ideal region for runners.

Meanwhile, Arizona, Glendale, Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler perform poorly when it comes to lack of parks and poor walkability scores. For more information about the study, Smart Asset's info can be found here.