Since Britain wanted out in the European Union (EU), the EU will also have the U.K. out in their contracts for the Galileo space project of European Space Agency (ESA) by 2019. The organization said that British companies serving as suppliers for the project would have their contracts be canceled once they are no longer part of the EU.

Moreover, another blow to these British companies is that the EU asks them to recompense all expenditures to the Union when finding a replacement. The U.K. felt that it's being targeted out by the EU on matters pertaining to Brexit. While they are fighting for a place in the project, other European countries are pushing them out of the group.

MP Philip Davies told The Telegraph that it's more evident that the EU is an "inward-facing backward-looking protection" to protect inefficient EU businesses. He said that's why the U.K. does not belong there.

MP Andrew Rosindell stated that the EU is punishing the U.K. with the project moved against them. He considers the act as "foolhardy" for the Union to go like that, especially when it's quickly losing credibility among other European countries.

Even though the U.K. won't be a part of Europe in the next two years, Europe would still need its help in the future. To have access and participation in the Galileo satellite navigation system, both parties will have to negotiate a new relationship for the project.

British companies who are eyeing Galileo include Airbus, CGI, Qinetiq, and Scisys. Two groups have expressed their worries and even considered relocating their new base in an EU member state to keep ahold of the project. They might be forced to withdraw from their U.K. market to counter the changes of Brexit.

The project costs £8.5 billion or $10.63 billion. While contracts might reach many years until it's ended, Brexit in 2019 will have it abruptly changed, reported Express UK.