On April 22, the world will be observing Earth Day, and the Big Apple has huge plans for celebrating the planet. New York is known for its fast pace of life—yellow cabs, pedestrian rush, and noisy streets. But on Saturday, 30 blocks of Broadway will be car-free from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event is considered as the largest street closure of New York, after patterning the same celebration last year on Earth Day. The car-free initiative is to let people know how much attention and space are always given to cars. This time, high appreciation is cast around the city as it promotes a calm, quiet, and cleaner New York City.

The Lonely Planet reported NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez as saying, "We're showing New Yorkers the potential of a car-free Broadway and what open streets can look and feel like." He mentioned that if everybody should be interested in creating a sustainable future for New York and the world, Earth Day is the best moment to make their point clear.

The car-free roads will be available for pedestrians and cyclists. CitiBike rentals in New York will be offered for those interested free of charge.

Tons of activities will conclude for Earth Day. On April 18 at Union Square, there will be dozens of exhibits, events and live performances ranging from kids to adults. On Friday, the Earth Day 5K Green Tour 2017 will commence with environmental groups teaching participants about farming, composting, and natural food cooking.

At the same time on April 22, in coordination with Kargoe and Earth Day Initiative, different organizations will hold seminars, workshops and interactive activities that are all about sustainability. Fashion, food, and art will take on stage to show the possibility of having a green planet.

The said celebration will be observed during April 27 and 29 as well. For more information, you can visit the Earth Day Initiative Organization here.