The World Economic Forum (WEF) has listed Finland as the safest country in the world for tourists who wanted to spend their holidays anywhere in the world. Though the country ranks 33rd among the 136 countries for the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017, the country is found to have strength in promoting peace within their streets, according to The Lonely Planet.

Meanwhile, the Finnish's business environment earned them in the top 10 spot of the pillars of the ranking, while they sit on the 23rd spot for health and hygiene. For their human resource and labor market, it climbed to number six of ratings, despite its high ICT ratings.

But even it's considered as the safest country in the world right now, where travelers can go there, Finland doesn't seem to prioritize travel and tourism that much as it fell on the 66th spot of the index. Either it can be blamed on its climate, Finland, however, doesn't seem to push through with it.

While it seemingly lags behind International Openness and Price Competitiveness, Finland's environmental stability ranks high among other countries and earned a place in the top five. The country's airport is average and so does its ground and port infrastructure and tourist service, some travelers made their way to the country.

However, with news spreading of its safety procedures and environment, Finland should expect an influx of visitors soon. Finland, at the moment, is celebrating its 100th Independence Day and will kick off a year's celebration that will culminate on Dec. 6, as reported by Travelers Today.

Meanwhile, Colombia ranks as the most dangerous country for the year, especially of its crime and murder rate rampaging in the country, according to The Sun UK. Nearing Colombia's post are Yemen, El Salvador and Pakistan. While El Salvador has its crime rates by locals, Yemen and Pakistan has been torn by the Islamist group for years.