Finland will be celebrating its 100th Independence Day by kicking off a whole year's worth of celebration that will culminate on December 6, where the parliament declared its freedom from Russia in 1917. With an anniversary theme of "Together," the program will emphasize on equality and democracy by "offering Finns and friends of Finland diverse and international centenary program in Finland and abroad."

In a press release, Ossi Luoto, the chief producer of the Finland 100 Grand Opening said: "Staging the event called for major efforts involving over one thousand people and over 300 performers - my heartfelt thanks to all of them!" He continued to say, "The general mood in the grand opening reflected the profound enthusiasm with which us Finns have embraced our centennial year. We've now launched this fabulous year on the chosen theme of 'Together,' and I'm convinced that a lot of other memorable events lie ahead."

Activities that will occur include the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation in launching a project to identify one hundred nationally nature areas to preserve for the next generation to see and experience. Moreover, for artists, Finland will have exhibitions on the different mediums of art throughout the year.

The South Karelia Museum exhibition will showcase colored-photographs taken during the Second World War. A picture book will be published to depict life in Teuva for 100 years in Finland, South Ostrobothnia, showing how people in the countryside have lived, worked and made business.

Non-government organizations will join hands in the 100th celebration by taking 100 steps in ensuring gender equality. Moreover, as a naturally cold climate, Finland has also created a knitting fever among locals and knitting businesses.

Meanwhile, two top musical schools in the world, The Sibelius Academy, and The Juilliard will join in the revelry to have a joint symphony orchestra in celebration of Finland's centenary. For more details, see their website here.