June 20, 2024 2:06 AM


Travel Tips: Thanksgiving Food Items You Can't Bring On An Airplane

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, people all over the country are packing up and heading home for the holidays. Of course, since most will only be gone for Thanksgiving weekend, the trend is to just take a carry-on bag. While this may be more convenient, it also causes many people to forget the rules of travel.


Travel Tips: Want An Easy, Breezy Flight This Thanksgiving? Skip Long Security Lines At The Airport

The countries’ leading airlines assured the public that they can handle higher number of travellers this season because of their quick-screening program called Pre-Check (Pre✓). This program literally means that you’ll skip the majority of the airport security line, you can now keep your shoes and belt on and walk right through without the hassle.


Thanksgiving Airline Deals: How to Get the Cheapest Flights

Thinking of going home for Thanksgiving? But all the flights available are too much for your wallet?


Top Five Places In The UK Where You Can Celebrate Thanksgiving With Turkey And Pumpkin Pie

Five restaurants and bars in the United Kingdom where Americans can celebrate Thanksgiving and eat food perfect for Thanksgiving.


US Airlines Travel Expect A Rise Of 2.5% On Thanksgiving

Expect busier flights on Thanksgiving as industry trade organization Airlines for America(A4A) announced that this year's Thanksgiving will accommodate an increase of 2.5 % which roughly estimates to a total of 27.3 million people.


Border Travel Tips For The Best Holiday Weekend

The Canada Border Services Agency has revealed a new application called as “CanBorder” which helps drivers check the latest border wait times.


Five Hacks For A Headache-Free Travel This Holiday Season

Five hacks for headache-free travel this holiday season includes book early, when you see a good deal; don't dawdle, avoid popular travel days, use the right tools, and time when you fly and where you sit.


Helpful Holiday Tips! Experts Reveal The Best Time To Buy Holiday Tickets

Save money on your next ticket purchase by knowing the ideal time of buying flights as revealed by experts.


Travelling During Thanksgiving might not prove to be friendly

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, security measures have been increased. This is predicted to cause further delay to the already busy movements of passengers during holidays. Expect longer lines in bus/airport terminals or train stations as people rush to their homes to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat stuffed turkey with their loved ones.


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