Travel during this year's Thanksgiving might be busier than most years due to levels security measures pushed up in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

There are days when travel becomes more hectic than usual and those days would be the holidays. During these days, people will be rushing to airports while cars will fill the road like sardines in a can and traffic movement will certainly be slower. However, there are also holidays that are more troublesome for travel than other holidays.

The day before Thanksgiving is one of these busiest holidays, especially this year. In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris, Americans will find it difficult to reach their homes in time for the holidays whether they be travelling via bus, car, train or plane. This is because security measures are significantly increased which would certainly cause delays to passengers.

Although it was expected that 90 percent of the travelers would be driving their way home to celebrate the holidays and eat stuffed turkeys or other Thanksgiving recipes, airports have also been observed to experience the holiday rush. People have been reported to form lines longer than most days just to catch their respective flights.

However, traveling during this holiday may not be all too bad as long as the traveler is well prepared. Passengers should arrive 2 or more hours earlier than their travel schedules in bus/airport terminals or train stations. This is to avoid further delay that might be caused by additional security procedures being implemented. In line with that, a traveler should pack in a manner that security inspection is made quick and easy. Most importantly, a passenger should extend patience since travel during the holidays is more stressful.

It is also fortunate to know that the weather forecasts are safe for travel during the days prior Thanksgiving day.

As much as possible, avoid traveling or plan your trip ahead during these days so that you can maximize your relaxation during these vacation days.