Thanksgiving is not only about having a big feast with turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies for menu. Started in 1621, when the 50 Pilgrim Fathers and about 90 Native Americans celebrated a year of good harvest by having a three-day feast, and it was declared as a National Holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, are just some of the few facts about Thanksgiving, according to Express.

In short, Thanksgiving is a special holiday for all Americans and they celebrate it even if they are across the world. Some of them even celebrate it in the United Kingdom. According to a census done in the year 2011, more than 197,000 Americans are now living in the UK.

Here are five places in the UK where Americans can celebrate Thanksgiving, according to Express:

Christopher's restaurant in Covent Gardens, prepares a special Thanksgiving menu that consists of caramelized scallops, organic turkey thigh, pumpkin pie and many other food that is perfect for Thanksgiving.

Savoy Grill, the famous Master Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in London, is a place that you can go to for a fancy Thanksgiving dinner. Their Thanksgiving special menu consists of wild mushroom and chestnut soup, roast pumpkin tart, roast turkey and pecan and maple pie.

The Crafthouse Restaurant serves pumpkin soup, Cajun spiced crab cake and roast turkey during Thanksgiving.

For a Thanksgiving experience in a British pub, located in South Kensington, PJ's Bar and Grill is a good place to spend Thanksgiving with friends and a couple of drinks or more.

Calistoga Restaurant in Edinburgh has been holding Thanksgiving dinner and buffet for nine years already and will probably do so for more years to come. Some of the dishes they serve in their buffet are cold cuts, smoked fish, braised turkey cranberry casserole, roast pumpkin and beetroot cakes.