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This Museum in Tasmania Might Not be for Those with Sensitive Noses

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has many things to offer its visitors, including one that might be unpleasant for those with sensitive noses


Surf with the waves

8 Best Surfing Locations

Bounded by 70% of the water in the earth, it is not surprising why water adventures advance through times, such as surfing. It has become a well-known sport by almost 10 million people around the globe in the 20th century.



10 Destinations For First-Time Backpackers

The healing power of nature suffices our thirst for sadness, and its serine beauty guarantees a remarkable spot in our memories and experiences. Many of us want to explore new places that afford us to see things new rather than going back to where we have already been.


LOOK: An Extremely Rare Rainbow Lake Just Appeared In Australia

Tourists and photographers all around the world are captivated by the amazing sight of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre. Situated in South Australia’s Outback, the dry salty basin transforms into a water oasis due to floodwater.


Want To Go To The Australian Outback? Here’s How To Score A Free Flight

Tourism Northern Territory has made it possible for travelers to go to the Australian Northern Territory for free. Let yourself immerse in the world’s oldest civilization when you book through Qantas partners from May 31 to July 31.


Australia Emerged As Dream Destination For American Travelers, Survey Reveals

It is true that the island country is far in regards to distance for many of the travelers, and especially the American travelers. But a recent survey revealed that Australia is a dream destination for them.


Virgin Australia Plane Had A Suprising Evacuation Over A Note

Reports said that passengers of Virgin Australia suddenly jumped out of the plane when a note was found on a toilet about one of the passengers.


Australia To Ban Sex Offenders From Traveling To Southeast Asia

As an attempt to seize their activities, Australia plans to ban pedophiles from traveling to Southeast Asian countries.


'Aquaman' Production Kicks Off In Australia, Set Photos Reveal Heroes Home At Amnesty Bay

Leaked photos from the production of "Aquaman" in Queensland, Australia shows that Aquaman's hometown, the Amnesty Bay, and several other landmark places, like Terry's Sunken Galloway.


Australian Man Arrested At The Canadian Border For Breaching US Visa Rules For One Hour

Australian man Baxter Reid was detained at the Canadian border for violating his U.S. visa conditions for one hour after he was delayed entry into Canada as part of his requirement.


Where to See Art In Aboriginal Australia

Art lovers in Australia would likely trail along the Northern Territories to see the works and crafts by the Aborigines. The country is known for its longest continuing art tradition in the world and considered as the identity of the Aboriginal community.


Hyams Beach and The World's Whitest Sand

The world is a haven of the most beautiful God-created beaches and coasts. And when it comes to the whitest sand on Earth, there is nothing other than the Hyams Beach.


There Is A Cafe In Melbourne Dedicated To Kate Middleton

Aside from inspiring women with their trendy outfits and hats, the Duchess of Cambridge is now also an inspiration for a café in Australia.


Sleep At The World’s First Astrology Hotel In Australia

Do you believe in horoscopes? Whether you nodded or shook your head to that question, thank your lucky stars if they led you to The Ultimo Hotel, the world's first astrology hotel in Australia. The place does not only offer a good night's sleep, but it also curates your tours according to your Zodiac Sign.


Avoid These 36 Beaches In Australia; Fecal Matter Dominates The Shores

The Environmental Protection Victoria Australia has warned residents of swimming in 36 beaches in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne as the waters and shores are contaminated with human poo. The said fecal matters have residents worrying since last month as heavy storms brought human dirt along in their favorite beach spots.


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