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The Best Travel Destinations For Sports Junkies

Even during vacations, people who live an active lifestyle love to get moving. Whether it’s jogging along the shoreline, swimming in the open sea, or hiking a mountain, sports lovers will surely get their blood pumping in these adventure spots.


Going On a Vacation to Lose Weight? Try Out these Fitness Vacations

For a lot of people, traveling always entail rejuvenating rest, delectable relaxation and good food. For these kinds of people, the best way to go is to lose weight before the trip so they could wear that two-piece swimsuit they bought just for this vacation. Who says that losing weight should be done before the trip? Why not travel just to lose weight? Here are some fitness vacations that will make anyone break a sweat and get that perfect bod.


Denmark Tourist Gets Seriously Injured After 'Body-Slamming' Scary Crocodile In Australia [WATCH VIDEO!]

He was walking along Lakeview Drive just outside of Kununurra at almost 9pm when he saw something floating in the water. Curious of what he has seen, he wanted to get a closer look to get a good photo. It was dark and when he leans closer to the bank he fell and body-slammed the alligator.


The Most Amazing Summer Activities In 2016 You Can't Miss

The summer season in 2016 is only a few days away, as Memorial Day quickly approaches. The team from Seat Geek worked in cooperation with travel search engine, KAYAK, to be able to run an analysis on a database of ticket and travel information. The purpose of this activity is to unveil the most in-demand events for the summer.


Winter Activities in Korea During the Holidays

Winter Season in Korea, just like in any parts of the world, is usually associated with severe weather conditions and snow disrupting regular operations. But it's not necessarily all bad since snow can be beautiful to look at and there are quite a number of fun winter activities to experience. This article features few of the many fun winter activities that any traveller in Korea should try.


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