The summer season in 2016 is only a few days away, as Memorial Day quickly approaches. The team from Seat Geek worked in cooperation with travel search engine, KAYAK, to be able to run an analysis on a database of ticket and travel information. The purpose of this activity is to unveil the most in-demand events for the summer.

Seat Geek search data enables people to be able uncover which events are what people always demand. On the other hand, KAYAK is the tool that enables people to specify the affordable airfare and feasible hotel prices for in relation to travelling for an event, as reported in Forbes.

It is advised though that travellers do their best in searching for the most feasible airfare and hotel rates. Doing so would enable travellers to avail of the most reasonable rates that are available online. Music festivals are also worth the money summer travellers would invest in for season activities.

Music festivals would be worth all the money for summer travellers than if the travellers would book a hotel to spend days there for the summer. On the other hand, summer would also be the excellent time for travellers to go on a road trip. Travellers can bask in the glory of having the wind sweep through their hair and faces as they leave the windows open to enjoy the road trip.

Travellers also need to do their shares of getting the correct timing for travelling for the summer. For instance, travelling during off-peak days would do its share to give travellers the possibility of scoring cheaper airline tickets and hotel accommodations.

Meanwhile, travellers may also enjoy the exhilarating experience of being surrounded by water falls during the summer to keep them refreshed. To be able to enjoy the waterfalls, travellers should be able to enjoy Canada's Niagara Falls, as reported in

On the other hand, summer travel in Chicago was just made easy for travellers. Valet service, Divvy, is extending its services to other aspects so travellers would not have to worry about heavy traffic and parking hassles within the city, as reported in Chicago Sun Times.