Winter Season in Korea, just like in any parts of the world, is usually associated with severe weather conditions and snow disrupting regular operations. This leads to cold weather being associated with discomfort. But it's not necessarily all bad since snow can be beautiful to look at and there are quite a number of fun winter activities to experience. Below are few of the many fun winter activities that any traveller in Korea should try.

Theme Parks in Korea are usually the most visited places not only during the winter but also during other seasons as well. During the snowy season, theme parks hold winter festivities in order to set the mood for the holidays. Skating and Christmas performances are great sights to be had during these wondrous times.

Korea also boasts snow sports like Sledding, Skiing and snowboarding since they have a lot of snow-filled mountains. These exciting sports can be enjoyed even when travellers don't own the necessary equipment because some are available for rent. Any traveller should not miss this opportunity to go out and play in the snow.

With the snowy landscape comes another activity that people should experience - hiking. Nothing can substitute the magnificent sights of the mountains as hikers traversing them. This is a perfect opportunity to quench the wanderlust by going on an icy adventure.

Outdoor Skating is also being enjoyed by locals and tourists alike maybe because skating on ice is nothing short of magical. Anyone can skate indoors at any time of the year but these do not compare to the experience of skating on ice.

The streets are also illuminated and decorated in a manner reminiscent of a white Christmas. Lights appear like glitters from ice and stars in the night creating a view that is a wonder to behold. Namsam tower or Cheongyecheon stream are few of the many where couples love to go on a romantic date.