May 22, 2024 7:37 AM

Rea Gabriel

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    New Year Deals 2017: The Best Week To Book Is Now!

    New Year deals are already offered in travel agencies and websites as early as today. Celebrating New Year in a cruise is offered while touring destinatins of Europe. Edinburgh also offers the best celebration of new Year with their Hogmanay. This three-day celebration comprises of several events of live concert, parties, and interactive activities.

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    Where To Find The Best Christmas Windows In NYC

    Christmas windows at New York unravels its beauty this holiday season. Each stores boast of unique and different themes that will surely enthused the locals and tourists. Saks Fifth Avenue will conduct a light show every ten minutes until January 2. Bloomingdale gives a contemporary art throught he use of neon lights.

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    The World’s Largest Hotel Opens In Dubai Next Year

    Abraj Kudai is expected to be opened on 2017. It will boast the title of the largest hotel in the world as its housed more than 10, 000 rooms. The hotel will consists of twelve towers, two of which are for five-star services while the remaining will cater to four-star guests. Five floors are dedicated only for the Saudi Royal Family.

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    Delta Bans Pro-Trump Passenger After Making A Scene On The Plane

    Delta Airlines banned a pro-Trump man because of his outburst in a flight supporting Donald Trump using profane language. A 43 second clip is now trending in facebook where the man is seen shouting to another passenger exclaiming harsh rhetorics about Clinton supporters and Trump being president. Delta's CEO released a memo announcing his ban and reiterated the company's values and service to customers. the airline will also refund the ticket of the passengers in that flight.

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    Inside Incheon International Airport, One Of The Best Airports In The World

    Incheon International Airport is one of the best airports in the world. It has a clean surroundings and best service amenities. It also offers passengers a variety of things to do inside without getting bored. The airline offers a Korean Culture Street where passengers can see artifacts and Korean clothings.

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    The Best Travel Gadgets To Get On Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday deals have the cheapest prices for travel gadgets at eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Here are some of the best ones that you can get for dirt cheap.

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    New York City’s Vintage Trains Run Again For The Holidays

    The Holiday Nostalgia vintage trains in New York will run on December 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30. New Yorkers will get to feel how it is like riding trains in those times. Passengers also show up wearing apparels during those eras.

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    Clothing Company Patagonia Promises To Donate All Proceeds Of Black Friday Sales To Environmental Causes

    Patagonia promises to donate its 100% sales of Black Friday to grassroots organizations in 1% for the Planet. The sales amounted to $2 million according to Global director Corley Kenna. The company is widely known to support environmental causes. They came up with this decision because of Trump's presidency where it is expected that environmental efforts will come to waste.

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    Travel Tips: The Best Places To Bring Your Kids In Singapore

    Singapore offers several destinations that are perfect for kids. Here are some of the best family-friendly places where you can bring your kids here.

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    US State Department Issues Warning To Americans Traveling To Europe

    The US State Department advises citizens to be vigilant if they are traveling to Europe. Information gathered stated that terrorist attacks will most likely happen on holidays this December.

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    Cyber Monday 2016: Best Travel Deals In The US

    Cyber Monday deals from hotels and travel packages offer 30- 50% off if consumers will book this time week. The Hilton of Hawaii offers 30% off from their hotels on Oahu, Kauai, and Maui islands. Aspen offers a free lift on the fourth day. American Express Travel offers a 50% off to book on selected hotels.

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    Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting 2016: How and Where You Can Watch

    The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting for 2016 will happen on November 30. Here are some of the events in store for attendees.

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    McDonald’s To Serve Coffee On WestJet Flights

    Airlines are now slowly changing their menu in flights to serve better food for the passengers. McDonald's succeeded to cement the deal in offering McCafe in WestJet flights against Starbuck and Tim Hortons.

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    Ascott Introduces Lyf, A Brand For Millennial Travelers

    The new brand of Ascott, Lyf, aims to cater to millennial travelers who wanted to have their own recreational space outside their home country. The concept centers around the millenials fondness of socialinteraction to share ideas or simply make friends.

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    Holidays On The ISS: How Do Astronauts Spend Thanksgiving In Space?

    Thanksgiving will be celebrated in ISS by two Americans together with one French astronaut and three Russian cosmonauts. Commander Shane Kimbrough recently shared a video enumerating the thing they will do for Thanksgiving. They will start the day by working and spend the evening eating prepackaged food and watching football.

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