Christmas is really felt at the streets of New York because of the establishments decorating their store windows. People are not only out to shop but to see these annual attractions. Here is a list of Christmas windows you would not want to miss while walking the streets.

Experience a pink Christmas at Saks Fifth Avenue. Entitled "Land of Thousand Delights," people will fancy the swirly cotton candy clouds and sweet assortment of candies decorating the Saks windows. Don't miss the light show that covers the streets and establishments which will be shown every ten minutes from 5pm to 11pm until January 2.

Get artsy in Bloomingdale's. If you want to see something more contemporary, visit Bloomingdale's, where they incorporate modern art crafts using neon lights. It is entitled "Lights Up A Child's Mind" where they produce adorable chandeliers.

This is made possible by artists Inma Barrero, Erika deVries, Jonah Meyer, Abby Modell, Sean Augustine March, Susanne Bartsch, Allison Eden, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos and George Kroenert, according to TimeoutThe store will also auction the designs and sales will be given to its charity, The Child Mind Institute.

Be a little green at Bergdorf Goodman. The unmistakably tinge of green covered the windows of Berdorf Goodman. Entitled "Destination Ordinary," the design features nature-themed surroundings.

"These windows are landscapes of the unexpected. They are delirious remakes of the classic dioramas seen in natural history museums," stated David Hoey, Senior Director of Visual Presentation.

Enter an enchanted forest at Lord & Taylor. Lord & Taylor's Christmas window theme employs dozens of sculpted animals that are dressed with clothes while depicting a scene. The windows also depicts animated characters that are amped up by lively music, according to Lohud. These are perfect for families walking along the streets with kids.

"That's what the windows are all about," says Roe Palermo, Vice President of Visuals. "You walk by and smile when you see this scene."