Outdoor retailer Patagonia announced that it will donate all the sales from Black Friday to support grassroots environmental groups.

The company is widely known to support environmental causes like donating its 1 percent sales annually to members of 1% for the Planet since 1985 which now amounts to $75 million.

"This year Patagonia will donate 100 percent of global Black Friday sales in our stores and on our website to grassroots organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water and soil for future generations." CEO of Patagonia, Rose Marcario, stated in a blog post of their website, adding that said groups are small and often underfunded, working on the frontlines. 

The company will support these small groups who strive to protect the environment by what little means they have as it is important to be united in this times of environmental degradation. According to Fortune, this decision emerged from the results of the election where Trump's presidency mostly assured environmental efforts go to waste.

Global director of Patagonia Corley Kenna stated that this act is the company's first and that sales are estimated to be $2 million. She said that this is Patagonia's response to the results of the election as a "way to keep climate changes and issues affecting our air, water and soil top of mind."

 "We felt it was important to go further and connect more of our customers, who love wild places, with those fighting tirelessly to protect them," Marcario said.

Marcario stated that in this "divisive time" it is important for them to voice their concerns and give awareness not only to their customers, but also to communities.

"If we don't act boldly, severe changes in climate, water and air pollution, extinction of species and erosion of topsoil are certain outcomes. The threats facing our planet affect people of every political stripe, of every demographic, in every part of the country."