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    What To Eat In Cambodia: A Guide To Khmer Cuisine

    Cambodia's cuisine is often compared to its neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Still, Cambodians offer a lot of other dishes that are simply unique. Here is a list of their most famous and delicious food.

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    The World's Happiest Countries

    There are several variables that are considered in the World's Happiness Report to identify a country and its people as one of the happiest in the world. Among these are their GDP per capita, the social support they receive from the government and the community, their healthy life expectancy, their freedom to make life choices, their generosity, and their trust or absence of corruption in the country. Considering these factors, here are the countries that topped the list.

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    Your Guide To Hong Kong's Oldest Restaurants

    Have a taste of the past in these famous restaurants decorating the streets of Hong Kong with their vintage vibe and delicious, classic food.

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    Yangon City Guide: What To Do In Myanmar's Largest City

    Yangon offers a lot of historical and religious monuments that can definitely strike tourists in awe. Aside from that, the bustling city offers a lot of their culture through its people, establishments, and food. Here is a list of things you should experience when you first come to Myanmar's famous and largest city.

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    Your Guide To The Best Zip Lines Around The World

    Looking at the world on the tip of your feet is definitely one of the luxuries modern entertainment rides give for people who are searching for adventure. Popularity of zip lines made people want to experience something new and more exciting.

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    Best Bike Cities: Exploring The World By Bike

    Healthier living continues to be the trend not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world, as pollution increases and the threat of climate change posits greater danger. What better way to contribute to lessen the problems by traveling through biking.

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    Best Travel Apps For IPhone: 5 Apps You Need To Download Before You Travel

    Before you leave to venture out to the world, certain apps can aid you for the troubles you might encounter in your travels. To have less problems in your trip, whether it is from getting lost to finding the nearest restaurant, it is important to download few apps that are essential for the modern traveler.

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    Best Cities For Singles: Five Destinations For The Solo Traveler

    What better way to travel than to travel solo. Going on a trip alone allows for more growth and develop more social skill from the get-go. It offers less prejudiced on tastes and you can always go with your gut and decisions and be free of your choices.

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    Dog-friendly Places You Need To Visit To Spend Quality Time With Your Pooch

    Leaving the dogs behind to have some quality time with yourself will leave owners guilty for depriving their beloved pets to enjoy some piece of the world outside. With the growing number of pet owners, accommodations that cater to their needs also increase. Landmarks also open certain dog-friendly spots for the owners and their pooch. Just remember to be responsible for your pet and your pet's mess.

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    Best Budget Airlines For South East Asia: Five Carriers Offering Cheap Deals

    Southeast Asia is known to be the best region to travel to if you're looking for cheap accommodations as most of the countries have a low cost of living. Not only is it best known for cheap travel packages, the airlines that offer seats to these areas ensure the passengers to experience commendable services throughout the flight.

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    The Best Cliff Diving Vacation Spots Around The World

    The rush of cliff diving is hard to satiate when you ran out of places to jump. Fortunately, a lot of spots have been recently being discovered and can soon be open to the public. In the meantime, the following cliff diving spots have earned their place to be hailed as one of the best for professionals and beginners alike.

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    Best South East Asia Cruises For 2017

    Travel through air and through land has never been more common especially if the scenic spot you want to visit is within the vicinity. There are places in the world that offer a different kind of beauty but are inaccessible for common grounds. Such is the appeal of traveling through cruise ships particularly if the trip's itinerary is to South East Asia where you can see the exotic and unabashed beauty of the Pacific.

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    Street Art Asia: Discover the Best Street Graffiti, Murals, and Art Events In These Five Countries

    You wouldn't expect to find the best arts until you look for them in the streets. Street art are considered to be ephemeral and short-lived as they are prone to more danger of being destroyed due to its open environment. Before that happens, street art aficionados should visit these places in Asia where street art is glorified and enjoyed by enthusiasts.

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    US Airlines Travel Expect A Rise Of 2.5% On Thanksgiving

    Expect busier flights on Thanksgiving as industry trade organization Airlines for America(A4A) announced that this year's Thanksgiving will accommodate an increase of 2.5 % which roughly estimates to a total of 27.3 million people.

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