May 19, 2024 4:41 AM

Precious Heradura

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    Atlanta Airport Celebrates 100M Passengers

    Atlanta Internation Airport is the first ever airport in the world that has serviced 100 million passengers in just a single year. During the celebration, the airport has awarded the 100 millionth passenger a special award.

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    Travel Cheap: Would You Share a Room With a Stranger?

    Travel Start-up Winston Club is a travel website that wants guests to travel cheap by splitting the hotel costs to a complete stranger. The website will match users headed to the same destination and with the same interests.

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    Your 2016 Horoscope

    This 2016 know what's in store for you in the stars with this compilation of predictions depending on your birth signs.

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    Footage from Rio's Christ the Redeemer

    Russian photographers and daredevils Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov are back with a video of their climb from the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janerio earlier this 2015. The video is their documentation from their climb atop the iconic monument.

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    Experience Nepal

    Recently devastated by an earthquake that killed thousands of people, Nepal is now clear for tourists to visit. What better way to help a country than through its tourism. Here are things to do when in Nepal.

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    What's Inside the World's Coldest Vodka Room

    Take a look inside the world's coldest vodka room. Located in Canada, Beafoot Bistro is a restaurant with a special vodka room at -32C. Visitors are only allowed to stay inside the room for only 20 minutes and must be rugged up in arctic weather -rated coats.

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    Drone Photograph of the Great Wall of China

    A groupd of drone photographers called AirPano have been taking drone photos of the NEW Seven Wonders of the World including The Great Wall of China.

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    Travel Hacks this Holiday Season

    Everyone is now travelling for the holidays. Here are tips and tricks on how to make holiday travelling a little less stressful and unexpensive.

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    Confused Traveller Climbs on Luggage X-Ray

    A video of a confused traveller who puts himself in the conveyor belt at the security check-in area. The video was captured by a CCTV camera and made its rounds online.

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    Kim Kardashian Debuts 'Kimojis'

    Kim Kardashian has it all with the latest addition to her achievements: her very own personalized emojis she calls kimojis. The reality TV star boke the Apple App Store when she launched her own line of emojis. Emojis include the star taking a selfie, some gummy worms, a waist trainer, and even pregnant Kim Kardashian.

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    How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

    A list of things that can be done to be healthy even if on a vacation. The list includes tips and tricks that may seem common but it often forgetten when travelling.

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    NYE in Scotland

    Now that the year is almost over we look at the New Year's Eve celebration at Scotland with the castle as its backdrop.

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    Jetstar Passengers Recall Emotional Moments When Plane was Turned Back

    Jetstar is involved in another incidentwhen one of its flights had to turn around after passengers heard strange noises. the flight was already an hour and a half in when it decided to return Adelaide.

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    2015's Biggest Songs

    A list of the songs that made a mark 2015. Most of the songs involved a lot of viral dance songs and a couple more that made a mark because of their music videos.

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    Host Announces Wrong Winner in Miss Universe Pageant

    The host of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant wrongly announced the winner of the pageant, announcing the first runner-up as the winner instead. It took 4 minutes and the crown already in the head of the wrong winner when the host already announced the mistake.

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