It is the season to be jolly unless you have to travel for 5 hours, have your flight delayed, with everyone's Christmas present in your luggage and with 3 kids running around the airport.

As our holiday present to you, here are a few hacks on how to travel as easy as possible this season.

For Packing

Whether we're travelling for business or pleasure, packing can be a pain in the ass. Aside from not knowing what to bring, airport checks, what's allowed on the flight, is another additional problem. There will be loads of tourists and it's inevitable to have the same luggage so to avoid confusion put a ribbon in your bag to make it stand out. When it comes to what to pack, make sure you bring a scarf or a hoodie. They can protect you from the heat, the cold, and can also be a cover up. Inside your luggage, roll your clothes to make more space and don't wrap gifts until you're at your destination.

While Travelling

Whether driving to your holiday destination or driving to the airport, train, bus, terminal, make sure you allot more time than usual to avoid the hordes of people going everywhere. For flights, save time by checking in online, you get to avoid the long lines in airports as well as you can now spend more time without the check-in time.

To get your luggage first, you can check-in your luggage as FRAGILE as it is loaded last and comes off first at your destination.


Useful apps are Trakdot ( to track your luggage, Foursquare to discover free wifi hotspots and passwords, and Google Maps to save maps for offline use. Another cool app is GasBuddy, an app that tells you where to get the cheapest gas in the area.

Upon Arrival

Taking a cab from the airport? Avoid lines by going over to the departures area. Upon arrival go for a run to get to know your location quickly, aside from that you also get to kick your muscles into gear after a long journey.

Extra Tip

Stay on a Sunday. Most travelers book their trips Friday and travel back Sunday so there is more availability on that day and the hotel rooms are unexpensive on Sunday nights.