May 19, 2024 3:31 AM

Precious Heradura

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    Most Instagrammed Spots of 2015

    2015 is the year of oversharing or it's always 'pics or it didn't happen'. Social media sites have become every traveller's photo album and image sharing app instagram is one of them. This year we look at the top spots in the world that was shared on instagram the most.

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    This App Will Take Care of Your Travel Planning

    UTrip is an app that will plan a travel itinerary for you. The app will determine the itinerary with the information that you provided like interests and your appetite for art, history, shopping, etc. Aside from providing the itinerary it will also provide maps and directions.

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    Tips for Women Travelling Alone

    In this day and age, it is unacceptable that women should still have to protect themselves to men especially if they are travelling alone. Check out the list on how to be be safer when you're a woman travelling alone.

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    Explore HongKong Like a Local

    From the foodie scene to the shiny shopping malls, street markets and the natural beauty of The Peak, Hong Kong will satisfy every taste. In here we have a summary of how to enjoy Hong Kong like a local.

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    Couple Announced Pregnancy Using a Jet

    With everything shareable in the internet, everyone is upgrading their game when it comes to announcement to be posted online. This couple is not different. The Patels are avid travellers and they're having their first baby and there is no better way to announce it than to have a photoshoot in an airplane hangar.

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    See the Wonders of Australia from Space

    A photo of Australia taken from International Space Station, NASA by astronaut Scott Kelly was posted on social media. Kelly is part of NASA's study called A Year in Space where scientists are studying how the human body will react if it stays in space for a year.

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    Up and Coming Destinations

    A list of up and coming destinations for 2016 based on TripAdvisor. The destinations were determined using the website's algorithm measuring the positive traveler feedback as well as increase in interest when in comes to accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

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    Places You Need to See in 2016

    A list of up and coming and usually ignored destinations for the coming year. This includes some places which will celebrate big events this2016 or places that we usually ignore when planning for a vacation.

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    Bike Trips that Are Better than Golf

    Is biking really the new golf? According to figures, golf tourism has been declining every year and cycling tourism is steadilly increasing. In England, participation has fallen by about 180,000 in eight years. Cycling, on the other hand, gained about 270,000 pedal-pushers in the last year alone. This figure does not include people tootling to work or down to the local. Cycling waxes while golf wanes.

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    Five Affordable Winter Travel Destinations

    A list of affordable destinations to escape to this winter. The destinations include the following: Key West Florida, Southern California, Barbados, Las Vegas, Scottsdale Arizona, Spain, and Venis Italy.

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    Dating Site for Disney Fans

    Introducing MouseMingle, a website for die-hard Disney fans. The website is by former Disneyland railroad engineer who is having a hard time looking for someone who loves Disney as much as he does.

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    Tips When Travelling with the Family this Holidays

    The holidays is the perfect time to travel with the family but with travelling with the whole family comes stress. Here's a list of tips on how to avoid meltdowns when travelling with the family whether it's a road trip or a plane trip.

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    Underwater Archeaology Exhibition at the British Museum

    The British Museum is planning its first major exhibition of underwater archaeology with a showing of artifacts from two of Egypt's 'sunken cities.'

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    Jetstar Under Investigation After Incidents

    Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar is under investigation after two incidents involving the airline. The serious incidents is now being invetigated by The Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

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    Secret Travel Destinations In Australia

    A list of hidden tourists spots in Australia. These spots have zero to no tourists at all. These destinations less traveled include Wilsons Promontory National Park, Heron Island in Queensland, Litchfield National Park, Bigge Island , and Coral Bay both in Western Australia

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