May 19, 2024 3:18 AM

Patricia Sim

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    Top Five Most Expensive Luxury Hotels In The Middle East

    Known to be a billionaire's playground because of the rich oil and tourism the region enjoys, the Middle East is set to change the standard for luxury travel and tourism. Also known for having the most outrageous, tallest and most innovative buildings, hotels and facilities in the Arab states have become truly one of a kind.

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    Chinese Hero Pilot Saves 439 Lives; Awarded High Honors And $605,000

    Saving over 439 people at the Hongqiao International Airport last October 11, Captain He Chao of Eastern Airlines was named a hero and given a reward. Already known as an "advanced party member", an honor given to just a few pilots, the pilot brought even more honor to his job, and massive thanksgiving to the 26 crew and 413 passengers he has saved.

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    Doctor Strange Filming Locations In Nepal: 'How You Can Find Your Own Kamar'-Taj

    Doctor Strange featured amazing space and time bending visual effect scenes that ensnared the mind and bewitched our senses, but even the natural settings of the film captured our attention. On his quest to find The Ancient One, Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie, heads to Nepal in search of a solution to his disability. Here are some of the places in Nepal the latest Marvel film was shot in.

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    Top Five Places On Earth That Mind-Blowingly Look Out Of This World

    Due to the improvements in visual effects and computer-generated imagery, some amazing landscapes have been created for movies and TV shows. However, Mother Nature is also talented at creating spectacular views and landscapes, some that will make you look twice and wonder whether it is a picture or real life. Here are the most mind-blowing places on earth that look out of this world.

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    The Five Best Observatories in The World; Where to Watch November's Super Moon

    November is set to be an exciting month for astronomy lovers, with the biggest super moon since 1948 peaking in the sky on the 14th, and the Taurid and Leonid Meteor Showers on the 11th and 16th. People will be flocking to large open fields to watch the amazing celestial shows, but for super fans, here are the best observatories in the world to watch this amazing spectacle.

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    Five Things You Need To Know About Mexico's "Dia De Muertos" Or "Day Of The Dead"

    With things winding down after Halloween, another cultural celebration many American might overloo is the "Dia de Muertos" or "Day of the Dead", often celebrated by Latin American communities. Despite its similarity to Halloween with its scary costumes, the "Day of the Dead" has a more meaningful, cultural significance to Latin Americans. Here are the top five things you didn't know about this holiday.

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    Mount Rushmore's Secret Room: A Real Life 'National Treasure' Adventure

    Built 75 years ago, Mount Rushmore has been an American landmark where many tourists and patriots visit and pay tribute every year. Despite the many tourists George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln see every year, there is a little known secret inside the mount that most tourists never heard of.

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    Key West Fantasy Fest 2016 Features Grannies Gone Wild, Painted Naked People and Anti-Trump Marches

    The 10 days of Fantasy Fest held at Key West, Miami ended Sunday, with many floats and parades aimed at critiquing the current political situation. Besides the serious topic of the event, many Americans, including senior citizens, had come decked in outrageous costumes (or naked) to represent their political beliefs and celebrate the bonds in American's diverse population.

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    Top Five Best Travel Cameras of 2016: Your Best Friend While On Vacation

    For many, snapping a brilliant shot is as important as the journey itself, especially now that there are so many camera options for travelers. From rugged, underwater cameras to dreamy, soft-focus lenses, to retro film types, behind every traveler is a trusty camera, who goes on the adventure along with them and helps them make memories for a lifetime. Here are the top five best travel cameras to take along on adventures.

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    Car Rental "Loss Of Use Fees" Update: How to Avoid Unexpected Fees When Renting A Car

    When research associate Julie Thomason crashed her rental car, she was ready to face the repair bill, but was slammed with a $1,000 charge by the rental car company for "loss of use". Although this fee is legal, rental companies have been using loopholes to jack up their "loss of use" fees and scam customers into paying more.

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    Top Five Of The World's Shortest Flights - No In-Flight Food Nor Entertainment Needed

    With a capacity to carry 544 passengers on a direct flight up to 8,200 miles non-stop, the Airbus A380 is the world's largest commercial aircraft. In December, Emirates Airlines will be using the superjumbo plane to fly from Doha, Qatar to Dubai, UAE, a journey less than 1 hour, the shortest flight in the world for which an A380 is used.

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    Skyscraper Awards News: The World's Most Beautiful Building Is In China And It's Worth $2.4Billion

    The annual Skyscraper Awards is hosted by Emporis, a real estate data mining company, and the results are in for 2015's most beautiful building with the Shanghai Tower, coming out on top. Located in the city center, the tower won ahead of Moscow's Evolution Tower which landed in second place, and features a similar twisting form to the Shanghai Tower.

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    Manhattan's Exclusive Women Only Social Club: "The Wing" Opens Its Doors

    Currently with a 1,300 person waitlist on just its third week, "The Wing" is New York's newest, chicest social club. The co-working space and social club has room for 250 members, but has more than 20,000 Instagram followers.

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    Discover Your Own Paradise: Five Islands You've Never Heard Of But Should Visit Now

    Despite innovations in air and sea travel, there are still many unknown places yet undiscovered by many. Island in particular, hold an air of isolation and seclusion that makes any traveler feel alone and relaxed. Famous islands like Hawaii and St. Barth's are great but what's better than discovering your own paradise? Here are 5 islands you've never heard of, but should visit now.

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    Top Five Tips For Climbing And Conquering Mount Everest Base Camp

    Many famous mountaineers and travelers have attempted to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, however, for regular Joe's, this dream is not far from reality, with the possibility of enjoying Everest's Base Camp Hike. Proper precautions and preparation must be undertaken, and here are the most important tips.Many famous mountaineers and travelers have attempted to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, however, for regular Joe's, this dream is not far from reality, with the possibility of enjoying Everest's Base Camp Hike. Proper precautions and preparation must be undertaken, and here are the most important tips.

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