Most people agree that airplane food is the worst, both in terms of taste and nutritional value. Although it is a struggle for the airline to serve tasty and healthy food when it is served at a high altitude, it may also have something to do with our taste buds, which are dulled because of the plane's noise and vibrations.

Despite low quality airline food and uncooperative taste buds, here are the top five tips on how to score better airline food.

1. Go for First class or Business class

For people who believe that being on a plane needs to mean a culinary masterpiece as well, most airlines pay close attention to the food they serve in first and business class, after all, it is part of the premium paid for these cabins. Some airlines even feature a chef onboard who cooks depending on what passengers are ordering, so it is guaranteed that food is served fresh.

2. Sit at the front

If a seat in first class or business class is not possible, sitting nearer the front of the cabin is ideal. During meal service, attendants start from the front and work their way to the back, so front-sitters get first pick on their meal of choice.

3. Ask for more

If you are still feeling hungry, or have forgotten to purchase an in-flight meal, ask an attendant. Nikos Loukas, founder of Inflight Feed - a website on airline food, told Express UK: "I've heard stories of flight attendants running to business class to get a meal for someone in economy. Many times I've asked for an extra snack or meal and if it's available, the crew will happily give it to you. You just have to ask."

4. Choose an airline with good food

According to Just The Flight, an airline known for its good airline food is Singapore Airlines, who hired celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to create an inspired menu for in-flight meals. Other airlines that have followed suit are Lufthansa with Juan Amador, and Delta Airlines with Michelle Bernstein.

5. Choose the right food

Lastly, when choosing airplane food, some dishes are bound to look better than others by sight alone, so ask to have a look before ordering. In addition, meats or fillets served with sauce usually taste better than plain grilled or fried entries.