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Republican Woman's Tweets Land Blows on Trump's Campaign Amidst Misogynistic Statements

Travelers Today       By    Patricia Sim

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 07:58 PM EDT

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One woman from Wisconsin is taking the forefront in standing up against Donald Trump's misogynistic statements. Marybeth Glenn, a self-admitted Republican who says she votes straight Republican for all elections, posted a total of 17 tweets pouring out her disdain and spite for Trump and his supporters.

Marybeth's Say

Marybeth tells that what drives her politically is "upholding who we are as Americans." This election year," she says, "we have allowed fear to fuel our hate, and American exceptionalism is under attack because of such dangerous ideals. Women feel as though they are under attack, and minorities feel as though they are under attack. It needs to end."

Marybeth says she felt 'betrayed' by the party whom she has supported all this time. Disappointed at the party's decision to stand by its candidate, she says "I wanted men and women of good and decent character to stand up and say wrong is wrong, despite fears of political backlash."

17 Tweets to the World

Accumulating over 51,000 Retweets and 170,000 Likes from her 17-series tweets, many people have praised Marybeth for her courage, and for her firm stance in her moral code. Celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo and JK Rowling have replied to her tweet, calling her "heroic", and reaffirming her stance on the issue.

Past "locker room talk"

In past news, Trump famously hosted "The Apprentice", a TV show, and during its season of "Celebrity Apprentice", "locker room talk" came into the picture once more.

Trump yells at pro wrestler Maria Kanellis for saying the word "crap" in the boardroom, which to him, was unacceptable, according to Hollywood Life. The incident happened when Kanellis was describing fellow Celebrity Apprentice Curtis Stone's rude behavior in the dressing room.

"This is my boardroom, it's not a locker room. Maria you're fired," said Trump. His famous line rang, and with that, Trump's "obsession" with locker room talk had come into the spotlight once more.

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