When thinking of Vegas, some of the most common things that come to mind are casinos, gambling, and living the hedonistic life. However, a new public outdoor space called "The Park" is reinventing Las Vegas's art scene with public art exhibitions and art-related pop-up activities.

"Bliss Dance", by Marco Cochrane, is The Park's most recognizable piece, with Crave Online describing it as, "a sculpture of naked dancing woman that measures 40-feet in height and was inspired by the artist's maiden voyage to Burning Man. Additionally, Don Thrasher, president of The Park gives a deep meaning to the famous sculpture, saying, "It represents female strength, self-confidence and expression, and sends the message that everyone should find their bliss."

Another famous attraction at The Park is a series of 16 shade structures shaped like trees that reach as high as 75 feet. In addition, MGM developers used trees, stones, and other natural elements indigenous and reflective to the Las Vegas area, gaining inspiration from the surrounding desert environment.

Developed by MGM Resorts International, The Park is also a dining and entertainment district, and cost $100million to develop. According to the Las Vegas Sun, The Park features a wide range of restaurants and bars, including the Shake Shack that has been operating since January 2015 in front of New York-New York. Other options will include California Pizza Kitchen, Beer Garden, the Japanese restaurant Sake Rok and the waffle restaurant Bruxie.

The Park will "continue to partner with artists and feature incredible art collections in our outdoor space as it allows us to offer new, fun experiences for our guests to enjoy each time they return," Thrasher says. "MGM Resorts has long been committed to contributing to the arts in Las Vegas. The Park is quickly becoming an art hub for the Strip and we look forward to being able to continue to offer a variety of art mediums for our guests to interact with and enjoy."