Southeast Asia's Top 10 Hidden Spots may not be known to many, but this may probably be because most travelers who have gone there do not want tourists to flock the place all year round. Southeast Asia's Top 10 Quiet Spots are known for their remote locations and the serenity they bring to backpackers and wanderlusts.

These are the Top 10:

Southeast Asia's Top 1 Hidden Spot: Pai, Thailand 

Pai, Thailand is a mixture of the hippie culture in a jungle environment. This place is remote enough for travelers to ride their motorbikes and get into the mountain within a few hours. The air of peace in this mountain town is fit for a relaxing weekend amongst Rasta bars, taking naps in woven hammocks, and if you're up for a dip, exploring their waterfalls and hot springs

Southeast Asia's Top 2 Hidden Spot: Bagan, Myanmar 

Bagan, Myanmar is teeming with temples. It has the highest concentration of Buddhist ruins in the entire world. Seeing the view of these grand structures is a must. You can try a hot air balloon ride over the temples during sunset and be amazed.

Southeast Asia's Top 3 Hidden Spot: Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Vietnam 

Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Vietnam near Saigon may very well be placed in another continent because their appearance makes them look totally out of place. In these majestic white and red sand dunes, activities like sledding, biking, or simply playing around and making sand angels will suffice your thirst for enjoyment. If you want some water during your adventures here, the Fairy Stream is a good place to go. It's a river flowing between dry rocks with a soft sand bottom. 

Southeast Asia's Top 4 Hidden Spot: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 

The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia's most popular hill stations. Though temperatures in these holiday towns below lush mountains can be sizzling, touring one of their several authentic tea factories can make you forget about your worries.

Southeast Asia's Top 5 Hidden Spot: Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar 

With nine mega miles of beach that just recently opened to the public, the Ngwe Saung Beach in Myanmar is the perfect place for travelers to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. And also because it just opened, it's one of the world's most unspoiled and uncrowded sceneries, perfect for a peaceful and relaxing summer vacation.


Southeast Asia's Top 6 Hidden Spot: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam 

Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam is about to become Vietnam's next hot destination mainly because of its gorgeous beaches that are still mostly empty. Activities you can engage in include renting a motorbike, snorkeling, and scuba diving.



Southeast Asia's Top 7 Hidden Spot: Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar 

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar is a virtually untouched string of hundreds of tropical rainforest islands in the Andaman Sea. Pamper yourself by checking in at one of the two hotels located here, or aim for adventure through kayaking or sailing the crysal waters of the islands.

 Southeast Asia's Top 8 Quiet Spot: Sapa, Vietnam 

In Sapa, Vietnam, simply hiking is enough. The view is adventure to the eyes where it can engorge on the tiers of indescribable bright-green rice fields dotted with the multicolored garments of the hill-tribe dwellers, and amazing roofs of the French colonial villas.

Southeast Asia's Top 9 Hidden Spot: Kep, Cambodia 

Kep, Cambodia is a seaside village which used to be a fashionable getaway for rich French people in the early 1900s. This is mainly because of its quiet beaches and quaint little seafood eateries which serve some of the best crab in the world.

Southeast Asia's Top 10 Hidden Spot: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is literally the biggest religious monument in the world. Enclosed by a wide-open moat, visitors have to pass through a gigantic stone causeway just to enter a village of temples, life-size stone-carved faces, and giant tree roots. The age and majesty of this place is unlike any other.

Southeast Asia's Top 10 Hidden Spots sure are remote and peaceful now, but their beauty cannot be contained for long. Soon the world will take notice and Southeast Asia will become one of the most-traveled places in the planet.