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Top 5 Of The Best Instagram-Worthy Places With Outstanding View For Photograpy-Inclined Travelers

Discover the top 5 beautiful and Instagram-worthy places you should visit in 2017.


Travel Company in Myanmar Lets You Stay In A Hotel, Cruise The RIver and Have Excursions

Tradition, quietness, luxury are what you will gain when you travel on a river cruise with Strand Cruise. Book for a one week expedition on the luxury ship and learn about the beauty of Bagan and Mandalay in Myanmar.


Five Myanmar Hidden Wonders Yet To Be Discovered

Myanmar is blessed with many natural wonders. Tourists love to visit the country's tourist spots that show off its tradition and culture.


Bagan, Myanmar Hotels: Five Best Accommodations

Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar that is home to over 2,000 Buddhist monuments in the Bagan Archaelogical Area. Many compare it to Cambodia's Angkor, with all the ancient structures and religious monuments. Because Myanmar has recently just welcomed tourists, this place is still unspoilt. If you plan to go to this side of Myanmar, here are some of the best places to stay.


Mystical Temples

Over centuries and centuries Southeast Asia has acquired many beautiful and awe-inspiring temples. The temples have been preserved for years as holy sites for believers. Even today many of the temples are still in use. These temples are an important part of the society as collectors of culture and art, religious values, and engineering feats.


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