When you think of Myanmar, you will picture the pagodas, Buddhist relics and monasteries in your head. Different from most itineraries, there is now a distinct attraction which will capture the interest of travellers who want an unusual experience in this Golden Land.

Many tourists come to The Irrawaddy River, especially to the stretch of Bagan to Katha. The Irrawaddy River has played a significant role in the history and economic trade of the country. Until now, the heritage could be felt when you sail on its waters. If river cruising is your type of adventure, luxury river expeditions are being offered by The Strand Cruise.

The Strand Cruise has great offerings for 2017 trips. It has brought in a favourable set-up for tourists: a hotel stay with river cruise and excursions. Their journeys include Bagan, Mandalay, Tant Kyi Taung, Royal Cities and the Ayeyarwady River.

From January to April 2017 and July to September 2017, travellers can embark on a week trip (4 nights from Bagan to Mandalay and 3 nights from Mandalay to Bagan). The itinerary includes visiting the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world, the U-Bein Bridge, beautiful pagodas, kingdom ruins, and the Bagan Heritage Trail and the Mandalay Heritage Trail.

Activities such as meditation sessions, dances, wine and cocktail drinking, socialization, lectures, games, sunrise/sunset viewing, workshops, performances, entertainment, and swimming await guests on the cruise ship. Welcome breakfasts, generous buffet lunch, and dinner are delightfully arranged as well.

The ship boasts of exquisite cabins parallel to the taste of meticulous guests. Every cabin comes with en-suite bathrooms, Wi-Fi, international TV channels, safety box, Intercom Telephone and a 24-hour butler service. The cabins also has an access to a private outdoor balcony. There are two cabins and two suites to choose from.

If you're in for heritage, tradition and luxury, then a stay in the Strand Cruise will be a valuable trip for you. Wake up to the sound of chants, view the sunrise and take in the sanctity of the river.