Myanmar is a country rich in tradition and culture. It has tons of undiscovered places that tourists all over the world would find interesting. The country is visited by many tourists even though it is not as popular as other Asian nations.

Myanmar does have great beaches and temples that many tourists find attractive. As a result, more and more developments are being done to improve the country's tourism. According to Touropia and Go Myanmar Tours, here are some of the best attractions in Myanmar.

1. Bagan- Bagan is a great place for tourists to have a field trip. With many temples of about 2,220 in numbers, strolling to the fields of Bagan will surely be worthwhile. These temples are Buddhist temples built by King Pagan and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Myanmar.

2. Putao- Having the best things nature has to offer, Putao is a distant place surrounded by many mountains, rivers and forests. The place has a huge variety of faunas and floras with new kinds uncovered every year.

3. Ngapali- Known for having its name derived from Italy's Naples, Ngapali is a beautiful town in Myanmar. The town contains beaches and white sands that tourists love. There are hotels and restaurant within the town. There are also fishing villages where locals catch fishes and serve at the town's restaurants.

4. Mrauk U- Next to Bagan, Mrauk U also has tons of temples made out of bricks. Surrounded by mountains and forests, Mrauk U's temples are built with thick walls. The place may give visitors a mythical feel due to its great rock formation and surroundings.

5. Golden Rock Pagoda- This great pagoda is also a famous tourist spot in Myanmar. Seeing a pagoda above a huge rock dangling on a cliff, looking as if its about to fall off makes the Golden Rock Pagoda mysterious. Locals say Buddha's hair is the reason behind this mystery.

Even though Myanmar is not a very popular country, tourists love and enjoy their stay in the country. With great tradition, culture, beaches and tourist spots, visitors surely appreciate the wonders of the country.