The Philippines has been one of the favorite destination tourists visit. Many people appreciate the wonderful nature of the country along with great mountains, beaches and tourist attractions. Tourists also appreciate the kindness of the Filipino people.

However, there is one important thing a travel considers in all of the country he or she will be traveling to. This important thing is, of course, food. Nomadic Boys and Travel to the Philippines listed down some of the Filipino cuisines tourists love. Here are the Top 5 Filipino foods that are popular among tourists.

1. Adobo- Due to Spanish influences in the Philippines history, Adobo, meaning marinade in Spanish, is one of the most famous Filipino dish. Marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and many other ingredients, chicken or pork will taste so good. There are different kinds of Adobo ingredients from all over the Philippines. However, almost all of the adobo recipes are truly delicious.

2. Kare Kare- This Filipino dish is known for being a comfort food. Made with vegetables, garlic, bagoong and peanut sauce, Kare Kare is an oxtail and beef Filipino stew.

3. Sinigang- Sinigang can be cooked using chicken, pork or fish. This is a Filipino soup that is unusually sour. People who love to eat sour foods can get along with Sinigang. The dish may contain Sampaloc and Gabi giving it the delicious sour taste it should have.

4. Lechon- Lechon is very popular among Filipinos. Once there is a celebration, Lechon will always be there. The word Lechon comes from the Spanish word leche that means milk. Lechon is a roasted whole pig. After eating the Lechon, leftovers are usually cooked to become a soup called "Lechon Paksiw".

5. Halo Halo- Halo Halo is a Filipino dessert that can be found in many Filipino restaurants. The word means "mixed" in Filipino and the dessert should literally be mixed before you eat it. The Halo Halo is prepared with shaved ice, evaporated milk, ice cream, corn, and other small toppings great for desserts. There are also many more ways to prepare the Halo Halo.