One of the most effective ways to get to know a place is to try its many cuisines, and people heading to Seattle has so many restaurants to choose from.

The vibrant city of Seattle brings in travelers from all over the world not just because of its amazing buildings, museums, and bars, but also because of its great selection of dishes. No matter how much money people have and where they are in the city, amazing food is at always at reach.

Dick's Drive-In

Every city always has a fast food staple that visitors should never fail to try. In Seattle, Dick's reigns supreme. Other than the restaurant's original location in Wallingford, which opened in 1954 and has been remodeled in 2006, the family-owned chain has four other locations in Seattle including Queen Anne, Lake City, Holman Road, and Broadway.

The menu only has 10 comfort food items but it will definitely appease everyone's taste.

Kedai Makan

This Malaysian restaurant is one of the city's greatest gems. It started out as a food stall in local markets and has now evolved into a restaurant with a bar. Kedai Makan offers their diners traditional and non-traditional food from Malaysia, and even Chinese medicinal infusions and sambal.

Because of how busy the restaurant is, takeout option is limited. It also does not have a phone so people have to place an order in person if they really want a taste of its food.

Armandino's Salumi

Home to the best-cured meats in the area, Armandino's Salumi can be found in Pioneer Square. Popularly called by the locals as "Salumi," it takes quite a while to get the meats because of the waiting time, but everyone is willing to stand for minutes just to get a taste of sumptuous, mouth-watering, hand-cured Italian goodness.

Salumi also offers some hot sandwiches and range of cold deli-style sandwiches. The small, family-owned establishment is open exclusively for weekday lunch, and Mondays are for take-out only. Those who want to avoid the long lines are advised to come early or call before 10 a.m. with their cold sandwich order to skip the line.

Red Mill Burgers

Arguably one of the most famous burger joints in Seattle, Red Mill Burgers was originally built in the 1930s and came back in the 1990s. Since then, it has been reaping several awards because of how good the food is. The key to their amazing burger is quality toppings which include pepper bacon, excellent beef, and splendid onion rings. The burgers are best paired with the restaurant's classic malts and shakes.

Easy Street Records

Good food plus a vintage vinyl, CDs, and old movies is bound to be a killer combination. Aside from the music, Easy Street Records also has a breakfast café. The quality and cheap eats in this establishment include breakfast burritos with fresh salsa, and jalapeno-spiced Horton Heat Hash. People don't usually mind waiting because there are so many things to look at in this place.

Il Corvo

People who want a taste of genuine Italian food in Seattle don't need to look any further. Il Corvo, opened by Chef Mike Easton serves handmade, artisanal pasta. The chef runs the restaurant with his wife. The owners also source its ingredients such as flour and eggs at local organic sources, with sauces that are freshly made from seasonal products.